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We design & engineer commercial vehicle bodies

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[email protected]

Barnes of Lincoln 

New customer vehicle completed second hand 18 tonne DAF CF includes:

Bespoke type approved side skirts

Two man sleeper cab 

And Bespoke 5 container body     


Customers own chassis supplied with:

Two man sleeper pod 

Bespoke 5 container bodywork 

And finished with type approved side skirts


Brand new Euro 6 18 tonne DAF CF completed with:

Bespoke 5 container bodywork 

A sleeping compartment 

And Bespoke type approved side skirts 

Doree Bonner

This brand new Merc Actros completed with:

Bespoke 5 container body

Type approved side skirts 

sign writing 

And a tail lift

5 Container Removal Vehicles

All of our removal vehicles are made with our Bespoke light weight panels and weight doors which are manufactured on site. All of our vehicles come with ferry lashing rings, platform and ramps as standard. We are able to provide you with the complete removal vehicle, from body only to chassis procurement, used or brand new.