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We design & engineer commercial vehicle bodies

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New Machinery

This year has been incredibly busy for which we are very grateful. This has enabled us to take the opportunity to re-invest into the business and purchase some new machinery. 

the guillotine is now automated making all cuts quicker and more precise. 

The folder is larger and enables us to manufacture more parts in house.

The bandsaw has replaced an old saw which has enabled us to keep all our work up to usual high standards. 


Taking the Uncertainty out of the Second Hand Market

Posted on May 9, 2017 at 6:20 AM

When buying a used truck for your business there can be some uncertainty regarding the mechanical wellbeing. After all no one wants to buy a truck and then have it off the road costing your business money. I’m sure a lot of people pay garages to check vehicles over for them (more expense to you – the end user) but worth it to take away the worry.

Bespoke Bodies have appointed Keith Gunner as Manager over the mechanical side of their products. This will ensure we have only the very best of the second hand market coming into us giving everyone peace of mind.

Keith comes with a wealth of experience, 22 years in REME, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers looking after all military vehicles such as, Land Rovers, trucks and tanks. After leaving the army Keith has worked for truck main dealers so he has a great depth of knowledge.

This means that we are taking the uncertainty and stress away from the end user. You can take comfort in the knowledge that we have it covered for you.

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